Culinary Medicine™ Healthy Meals…Just for you

Joe’s Story

Joe was diagnosed with diabetes in 1996 when he was a practicing pharmacist at his own family-run pharmacy in New Jersey. He realized that his daily pizza-chocolate bar diet was a recipe for disaster. He needed to drastically change his eating habits if he wanted to run around with his grandchildren with his own legs some day.

However, delicious, freshly-prepared, healthy, great tasting and affordable meals for people with diabetes were not available. So, Joe founded a local, healthy meal delivery service with the goal of making it easier for people to eat healthy and live better.

Our Mission

Our Culinary Medicine healthy meals combine food and science and are designed to help you feel good about following the meal guidance you receive from your doctor, trainer, or nutritionist.

Whether you have diabetes, heart disease, obesity, geriatrics or just want to eat healthier – we have you covered…

You can follow their meal guidance with total ease and immediate success. We do all the shopping, calculations, measuring and cooking for you. You just “heat it and eat it”it’s that simple!

Our Team

Joe Martinez, RPh, PDE, CMS Read more

Joe Martinez, RPh, PDE, CMS

Founder and Chief Commercial Officer

Joe Martinez is the founder, president and chief commercial officer of Healthy Meals Express (HME). Inspired by his own story, Joe started the company with the goal of making it easier for people to eat healthy and live a better quality of life.

Joe is a Registered Pharmacist, Diabetic Educator and Culinary Medicine Specialist. His research papers on medically-tailored meals and Culinary Medicine have won numerous awards and are presented at numerous clinical meetings; including American Diabetes Association (ADA), American Heart Association (AHA), American Geriatric Society (AGS), and American Society of Nutrition (ASN).

Chef Rich Sloan Read more

Chef Rich Sloan

Executive Chef and VP of Operations

Chef Rich has more than three decades of executive management experience in the Food and Beverage industry. He has led teams as the Executive Chef and the Food and Beverage Director at various popular hotels including the Sheraton, Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn and The Ramada. Chef Rich is also an industry expert in Culinary Arts and Nutrition for seniors. In addition, he is the former Food Service Director at Atria, Weinberg Village and Independence Manor.